RD250/350LC RZ250/350

The 1980s brought out some real exotica like the Honda RC30 and Yamaha OW-01 but Yamaha’s RD350LC was the bike that brought performance to the man on the street. It seems that everyone who was into bikes in the Eighties has their own LC story. It’s the bike that’s launched a hundred racing careers.

$125 exchange
$199 exchange
$99 exchange
$250 exchange
RZ250-350 conversion suspension kits RGV250 swingarm to-RD-LC or RZ-YPVS from $399.00 to $599.00
Athena big bore kits
HPI RD250/350 LC $699.00 complete-no battery race only
HPI RZ250/350 1984 up $699.00 complete-no battery race only
Dyna Rev limiters $189.00
Jim Lomas Exhausts to fit RZ350

mild steel $1189.00

 stainless steel $1324.00

RD 350LC  TYGA chambers 995.00 pair
end cans from $89 pair
RD 350LC  crossover chambers 995.00 pair
end cans from $89 pair
Clear clutch covers available