Well its probably a good time to start another project bike, are words nobody has ever said. I finished my latest project (okay I paid MWR to complete it and fitted some stuff myself) the 1982 elise (right) in 2017. MWR listened to most of my nonsense when it came to looks but did guide me away from some costly (self induced) mistakes and built the engine in record time. Murray has years of experience with 2 strokes and was very patient even with me and my fists of ham.

A few things I've learned in this process;

  • Don't expect a 30 year old bike to be cheap

  • Don't use cheap bits

  • Listen to people that know more than you

  • Everyone knows how to put an engine together until you put it in front of them

  • Things will break or not work so try not to get hysterical its part of owning an older bike

1982  RD350LC

So my next project for 2018 is an RZ250 . I can already see the holder of finances shaking her head. The odd thing about bikes and me is once I've built one I get bored. I'm not a motorcycle club person (sorry guys/girls) so don't really like aimlessly pottering around and have found the build is usually more entertaining than the ride.

Whilst I am rambling on about clubs I will also say you won't find me on any forums, from what I've seen they are a sewing circle for people to complain about things that haven't ever happened or talk about things they wish would happen.

So the RZ what can I say........ i would love to say the frame looks great and the project is easy. But as with all rd's and rz's this thing has been flogged. But if you are buying a used one what the hell do you expect. I remember going to see an rd125 years ago and the guy had sealed the engine cases with clear bathroom sealant and replaced the stock wheels with comp stars from a Honda wet dream, suffice to say I handed over my cash and it broke down within hours.






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